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Spark my Pintrest

I’m poor and a horrible gift giver. These sad facts often make gift-giving holidays even more stressful than they already are. I’m too proud to stoop to the last resort gift card, but i can never find something that I know my gift receiver will love, use, or want.Thank goodness I found the current gem of my bookmark bar: Pinterest.

Pinterest acts like a virtual cork board so users can “pin” websites, pictures, tutorials, almost anything from any site that they want to save or share with their friends and followers or even just the Pinterest community. Pinterest has a number or categories including food, photography, women’s apparel, men’s apparel, tech gadgets, hair and beauty, and my favorite: DIY and crafts. The craft boards on Pinterest are going to be my saving grace this Christmas. Thousands of users share their own endeavors with all sorts of crafts and projects. Knitting, sewing, painting, making clothes, jewelry, wall art…there is so much to choose from and explore, and there is always something new to look at. I plan on using some of these ideas to create thoughtful, inexpensive, Christmas gifts for my friends and family. So far, these have caught my interest: check out my craft board HERE.

Pinterest is way more than arts and crafts. It’s a cool way to collect and share all the things you love all over the internet. I will warn you. You may feel productive while perusing this sight, when it actuality you really are just procrastinating. It’s addicting. Happy Pinning!


I don’t cook, and I don’t care

I don’t cook .

At all.

I don’t cook, and if I try to cook I tend to  ruin/burn/get bored/set off the smoke alarm.  My mother and grandmother are great cooks and amazing bakers.  They are experts in comfort food, holiday meals, and party pleasers, but I am, well, not.

In the last couple of years my lack of prowess and experience in the kitchen has become a running joke. Instead of chopping veggies or or watching the stove, family meal after family meal I am assigned to rolling silverware and washing dishes. If I get near a boiling pot, I get strange looks. If, heaven forbid, I try to make something simple like mac n’ cheese or rice (rice!) someone swoops in to take over the job I’m probably going to screw up.

I guess I’m missing some part of my domestic gene, but it doesn’t help that I’m not trusted within 2 feet of an oven. I know I don’t have a real desire to plan and execute a fabulous meal, but I would like an acknowledgement that I can actually make pasta.  I have so many wonderful cooks and chefs around me I’ve never really had to make something semi-elaborate for myself. Lucky me.

I suck at cooking, but I’m done caring. Just feed me.