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Winter Break Rant

It’s that time of year again. The weather is dreary and grey, Christmas music is blasting from the radio, everyone’s in a rush to prepare for the holiday season. Four glorious weeks of no class, no homework, and no papers. As much as I love this time of year, there is also a certain amount of dread that comes along with it…

I must confess, I really do not want to see many of the people that claim to want to see me.

Considering everyone who I was best friends with in high school attends universities outside of Louisville, I enjoy three-fourths of the year going through my own routine, with my own friends, doin’ my own thing. For 75% of the year my high school gal pals are nothing put a blip on newsfeed. Drama and distance has helped me grow out of them and into my own social circle.

Then why is it when Thanksgiving and Christmas break roll around certain individuals expect everything to go right back to where we left off senior year?  An ever bigger question, why do I feel obligated to keep up appearances? Honestly, I wouldn’t consider myself friends with half of these people that “can’t wait to hangout!”  True, there are a few that I keep in touch with and truly consider good friends, but I’m tired of trying to connect with people I’d rather talk about behind their back than talk to their actual face.
Am I the bitch here?

If I am, I’m cool with it, I guess.


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