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Disposable Clothing

Before Forever 21 moved to its current location in Mall St. Matthews, and before it became the 2nd largest Forever 21 in the world, there was a time when I lived for Saturdays at the mall looking through heaps of poorly made foreign clothing- or disposable clothing, as I have come to call it. It was manageable then. Shopping was still a positive experience. In an out in less than an hour  99% of the time.

Now, what used to be my favorite store, has become a daunting, frustrating, and overwhelming experience. The first time I visited the new locale I was in shock. At a staggering 110,000 square feet, Forever 21 at Mall St. Matt’s is only second to the 126,000 sqaure foot store in Las Vegas. It takes the better part of 2 hours to cover the first floor.

Just the first floor.

On my last visit, one particular room had more clothes on the floor than on the racks, and there is always at least one dressing room closed due to the mountains of clothing that lay on its floor. And don’t even think about asking an employee about where a particular item is or if they have a different size. The workers are almost as lost as the customers.

Even though I don’t particular like or enjoy my time at Forever 21, it doesn’t it mean I refuse to shop there. I wish I was stronger. I wish I could resist the draw of polyester blends and and zippers that break after the third zip. I can’t. I’m a slave to the fashion machine.  In the mean time I’ll secretly berate the store behind it’s back and cackle at the hilariousness of wtforever21.com.


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