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Nailed it

I have never been one to splurge on mani/pedis every other week. Usually my nails are boring or bare or I’m working on scratching the already chipped polish completely off. I envy the perfectly painted full sets of my girl friends, but  I can’t justify spending $30+ only a little polish and hand massage. Luckily, the internet has provided me with the tools and tutorials I need to get just the look I want at home. This isn’t your regular ruby red polish and top coat. Do It Yourself nail art and nail designs are running rampant on beauty and fashion boards, blogs and social media sites.

With the right brushes, a little scotch tape, and the right polish nails can be transformed into a work of art.

Some of my favorites include:

All of these designs are A LOT easier than you would probably think. Toothpicks or small paint brushes can be used for small lines, dots, and details; scotch tape across the nail can help you achieve the perfect color block; as for the print letters, a little alcohol and a newspaper pressed against the nail. Getting a unique look may take a little time and a lot of patience, but the outcome is something uniquely you.

These homemade designs are also great for the holidays. I’m itching to try:

Here a a couple of great fashion blogs that have more great ideas: POLYVORE or fuckyeahnailart 

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Leggings are pants. Shut up.

It’s about this time of year where I here this phrase at least once a week: “Leggings are NOT pants.”

I would just like to note, I have never heard this sentence uttered from a male body. Ever.

I don’t know why exactly, but there are a lot women out there who despise the legging and everything it stands for. Personally, I love them- hell, I practically live in them. They are comfy, and for a fairly skinny girl like myself, give me the appearance of a little more curviness than I actually possess.

I’ll admit, leggings are not for everyone, but for those of us that aren’t on the heavy side and are comfortable with a little cling, leggings provide a comfortable, fashionable alternative to jeans, slacks, and sweatpants. Dress them up or dress them down, leggings can add a femininity, edginess or class to any outfit. However there are a few cardinal rules for those of us who are comfortable with the fact that leggings are pants:

  1. Make sure your pair are completely opaque. No one wants to see what color underwear you are wearing when you bend over.
  2. There is such a thing as leggings that are too tight. Puckering at the seams  is a direct indication of this. You want your look to look smooth and put together, not sloppy.
  3. No unsightly camel toes allowed. Ew. See below for the horror.

Abide by those rules and you should be good to go.  I’ll have fun looking cute and curvy while the haters hate.

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Urban Attic

While looking for something fabulous to reward myself with for a surviving the GRE earlier this week, I found myself in the Highlands wondering in and out of the boutiques on Bardstown Rd. I went to all the fashionable spots: Cherrybomb, General Eccentric, Dot Fox, Hey Tiger…and I left empty handed. Something in my brain just won’t allow me to blow $40+ dollars on a fashion forward blouse or skintight skirt that I’ll only wear a handful of times.

Back on Bardstown Road, I‘m walking dejectedly towards my car when I notice an open door. I don’t know why I have never noticed this particular door before considering I’ve walked this section of Bardstown Road probably 100 times in my life, but it caught my attention.




Thank you, Jesus for this fabulous business model and an even more fabulous consignment shop. Urban Attic is a situated between The Guitar Emporium and De la Torre’s and is a great place for both men and women’s consignments.  It is a huge space full of vintage and modern pieces that are incredibly reasonable.

For example, I purchased a black, v-neck sweater that still had the original tag ($14.99) for only $6.00. For that price I couldn’t not buy it. Not to mention the store is filled with dresses, skirts, flats, boots, heels, boots, polos, suit separates, and ties. Currently they are even taking and selling Halloween costumes.

I feel like a lot of consignment shops really jack up the prices on the majority of their merchandise, but nothing in this store was more than $30.00. It’s great quality clothing for a nice price. Plus if you have your own consignments, Urban Attic will sell your gently used clothing and accessories and return  %45 of the sell price to you. Urban Attic will even mail the check directly to your home. How sweet is that?




Check it out at shopurbanattic.com 

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